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Garden centres provide a wide range of excellent plants that you can use to plant up your new designer bed but why not access high quality plants at incredible prices and plant out your new bed at a fraction of the cost?

Our experienced plant buyer Matt has sourced two of Europe's largest commercial nurseries to provide our customers with the highest grade of plants at nursery gate prices.
Matt has 15 years of commercial plant buying experience including many years as a plant buyer for HomeBase, Matt explains how we are able to provide such high quality plants at such low prices

plany supply service

The majority of plants purchased by the public in the UK are bought at Garden Centres or from DIY Stores.

These plants are all sourced in bulk by the retailer from UK or European growers; the retailer then has to add their margin for presenting the plant, looking after it while it is on the shelves, a further margin for premises overhead and finally something for their profit.
garden plants supplied

By ordering a complete border from us you are essentially bulk buying direct from the nursery, by cutting out the retailer and their margin you are accessing a fresher high quality plant delivered to your door and getting an incredible price for buying in bulk '
If you are downloading one of our Free plant plans, put in the size of your border and get an immediate quote for all the plants to be delivered directly to your door.

Pay online and we will deliver your order to your door within 5 working days. All delivery costs for the UK mainland are included in the price.

For our bespoke planting plans we provide a quotation for your exact plant requirements with every plant plan.


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